Let’s talk all about Chatbots!

Sounds cool right? But why is it important to add a Chatbot to my company’s strategy?

Let’s talk numbers: WhatsApp has 2.0 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger 1.3 billion, WeChat has 1 billion. And there are many other chat applications people are using for their daily life to communicate for example like: Snapchat, Twilio, Skype, Slack, Line, Telegram, Viber etc.

  1. Rule based chatbot: Is trained with a predefined set of questions and answers. It replies based on the matching condition
  2. AI Chatbot: This chatbot is built using NLP and Machine learning technologies. Which tries to understand the semantic and syntactic meaning of a user’s query and based on that, it generates the answer from large knowledge based.
  3. Hybrid Chatbot: Rules + AI which are mostly domain specific chatbots, where few modules use AI to understand the query and use specific rules to generate the answers.

So, how can I have a chatbot?

Venturit is a research backed AI company we expert in creating all three different types of chatbots. We can help you to build a strategy to convert your business idea into a conversational chatbot. In result these chatbots helps to:

  • Stay updated with the latest trends
  • 24x7 uptime
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Cost reduction
  • Instant customer support
  • Customer support: Answer domain specific customer support for various issues.
  • Healthcare: Basic health information, health screening, appointment booking
  • Ticket booking: Current status check, availability, ticket booking,
  • Restaurant booking: Seat booking, availability check, menu check
  • Education: Basic information, course information, admission queries etc
  • Laws & Immigrations: Information about various laws, rules and regulations etc
  1. Understanding the business requirements:



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