Fun Facts About AI

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4 min readJul 23, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention from everyone nowadays. It has the potential to transform everything from finance to cloud computing. Many giant companies are betting that AI will influence not just their products and services, but nearly every aspect of their businesses.

1. AI is already in Movies

Iron Man’s “Jarvis,” “Vision” from Avengers, or “The Terminator” are all part of the AI world in movies.

2. AI has created a biological clock

We can identify biological age with biomarkers, and these are used to form biological aging clocks. Deep learning has taken this to the next level-it has helped in creating an aging clock that can predict biological age across many different populations so that it can be used on a global scale (unlike non-deep-learning aging clocks)

3. Robots can have citizenship

Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to the social humanoid robot “Sophia”. She became the first-ever robot to get citizenship of any country in the world. She, or it, is also the first non-human to be given any United Nations title (the Innovation Champion).

4. AI is not new.

Even though may are hearing about AI in the recent years AI goes way back to the 1950s. Alan Turning is crowned as the father of AI. Back in the day, he invested in a test based on natural language conversation with a machine.

5. AI is the New Electricity

When electricity was introduced to the world, it changed everything from cars to many other industries. AI is clearly in line to be the next big thing and will transform everything industry and create enormous economic value, just like electricity once did.

6. Even Processors have AI

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has created a processor that works with the help of AI, called the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). It is designed to make its advertising, search, Gmail, Google Photos, and other services smarter.

7. In the wrong hands, AI could be used for destruction.

Many Tech industry leaders have raised concerns about the future of AI. Even Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has warned on multiple occasions that artificial intelligence may be dangerous for humanity. We should always use AI for the advancement of humanity and provide checks and balances to prevent the use of AI for destruction. There are many examples; one of the most significant AI scandals is the Cambridge Analytica’s use of AI back in 2016. They use AI to automatically place social media ads after reviewing the user’s social media feed to persuade the user with resonating ad content, which is harvested from the user’s feed data.

From streamlining massive operations to inform better decision making, it has become clear that AI has the potential to revolutionize our everyday life. It enables you to make innovate a reality by adopting smart technology.

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